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Mozilla support

A widely used browser- Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft has been having a tough time selling the new touch-friendly, tile-happy Windows 8 ever since it appeared on computer screens in October 2012. Most of the people are still to be convinced to buy the operating system. As there are only about a thousand people using Firefox regularly, Microsoft has recently announced that the Firefox tile will be pulled off the Start screen.

To be more precise, it is about the metro version of Firefox that stays in the Start Screen of Windows 8, not the desktop version. Millions around the world are still using the desktop version. Firefox’s Jonathan Nightingale said that the metro version of Firefox would not be available, as the team was forced to pick up their own battle. It would be still available for download. Nevertheless, it would not be developed and support would not be available on the Mozilla support webpage.

Metro is a typography based design language, which was introduced by Microsoft on Windows 8 and 8.1 PCs. This design focuses on the contents of the application and not the graphics. The Metro design consists of the applications on the PC in the form of boxes of different sizes. These boxes are referred to as Tiles.

Back in 2012, people were not comfortable with the new Metro UI. Nightingale described the Metro to be a battleground for the Web. He added that they have been watching over people’s adoption to Metro during the months when they developed and refined the product. He said that on any given day, they have found millions using the pre-released desktop version of Firefox but never have they seen more than a thousand users actively using the Firefox Tile.


Support for Mozilla available online

While Microsoft is trying to promote the benefits of Windows 8/8.1 on tablets, PCs and laptops, removal of Firefox tile is considered as a setback for it. The Chrome has a version of the desktop screen and so does the good old Internet Explorer. However, MS is not that happy to see Chrome appearing on its computer machines.

In any way, if you are confused about the term ‘Metro’, do not worry, you will not be blamed, because this was the name originally given to the desktop Start screen, but eventually it was abandoned. This happened due to a trademark complaint by a German retail. However, people still refer to the old moniker even though the Start screen desktop does not have any name currently. To get more information about the Firefox app, visit the Mozilla Support page.

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Resolving The 'There Are No Items To Show In This View' Error

Outlook problems and help

Microsoft Outlook

Software available in today’s world can in fact ruin your day or a series of days if the issues are not fixed instantly. The Microsoft Outlook program that I have aboard my system sometimes works perfectly or keeps on crashing and sometimes never responds to my inputs. Normally, my inbox is ruled by mails and unexpectedly a message that says, “There are no items to show in this view” appears. Some Outlook problems and help regarding the same are explained below.

Outlook problems and help

Seeing this message, I came to the realization that technology had good bits and bad bits. The good part is that it makes your work simpler and the bad part is that more your work becomes simpler, harder it is to fix the issues that seem to bug it.

Well searching for the issue online to find out a reasonable solution was not very helpful as the different steps and methods that were provided confused me. I somewhat started to experience a headache when I read a couple of lines regarding the different options and commands that were supposed to be used. Therefore, for a much easier solution, I contacted my friend and I told her my situation and asked her to find me a fix.

In fact, in Outlook 2007, the Outlook.ost file seems to be causing all the troubles. The easy resolution of the problem was by

huge collection of mails

get help from friend

renaming the file and performing a reboot of Outlook. After Outlook reboots, it will try to get hands on the Outlook.ost file and after a tiresome search, it ultimately fails and creation of a new one ultimately takes place. Now the issue actually gets resolved. Now the familiar inbox full of vivid mails will appear and I was very happy on seeing that sight.

The location of the Outlook.ost file on Windows 7 is at the following location, C:\Users\owner\Documents\Outlook\Outlook.ost. If you face difficulty in finding it, access the Start menu and perform a search for .ost and you will be able to lay your hands on the file location. Renaming the file to any name like Outlook06102010.ost is what I did.

Outlook problems and help to fix the problems was very much badly needed for me, as the mails contained attachments with which I required further editing and completion. If you are not able to resolve Outlook problems and help is needed, you may contact the Outlook help and support center for assistance.

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Equip Firefox With Browser Safety And Security

Mozilla Firefox Help

Mozilla Firefox Browser Security Options

The internet is a great way to connect to the world and interact with the online world. However there are some dangerous elements floating about on the internet which can spell doom for you. This malicious software sneaks into the most systems without the user even knowing. However you can enable certain provisions on your browser to ensure that such events happen less frequently.

Here are some Mozilla Firefox help tips to make your browser more secure.

  • First open the Firefox web browser application. Depending on the version installed on your PC the Firefox application will either open to the General tab or the Main tab. Under the tab look out for the Always ask me where to save files option.
  • This default will always be disabled by default. In fact it is the Save Files to option that is set as default , to download files into the Downloads folder or any other directory. Make sure that you select the Always ask me where to save files option. This will allow you to exert more control on the downloadable items and will seek your permission before it starts to automatically download something. Many browsers typically get infected as their users allow automatic updates which can often become an invitation for infiltrations to sneak into your PC.
  • Choose the Privacy tab and look for the Remember what I enter and Search bar options. This will be enabled by default and you have to disable it immediately. Just uncheck these options by clicking on the boxes. Different Firefox versions have different ways to display this. Certain versions will display Remember Search and Search bar instead of the two mentioned earlier. Uncheck this option first, and move to the next option which is Accept cookies from site.

    Dangerous Elements

    Keep Browsing On Firefox Without Any Worries

  • This option will be enabled. Go to the drop down menu right next to keep until they expire, you can see the default options you can set for expiry. This means that your Firefox browser remembers and keeps all these cookies until they are expired. This could be disastrous as certain malware software; malicious add-ons, fake virus removal software and other potentially threatening sites can collect this information and use your personal information for their own advantage.

In case you need to look for more ways to keep your browser safe check up in the Mozilla Firefox help section or contact their support team for additional advice on how to ensure safety and security for your browser.

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How To Block A Sender In Microsoft Outlook 2010

Setup email in outlook

Email Set up in Outlook to block sender

Microsoft Outlook is an email client owned and managed by the tech giant Microsoft and is the most popular email client among the users. It provides a wide range of functions to the users including the sending and receiving of emails. However, you will feel extremely annoyed and irritated if you continuously receive emails from unwanted users and the only way to get relief from this by blocking those unwanted users.

A professional computer user can easily block those senders, whereas amateur users will find it difficult to deal with this. Well, given below are some easy steps to setup email in Outlook that will help you to block a sender in Microsoft Outlook.

First Method

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook 2010 application in your system and click the tab called Home seen at top. Now, you need to click the Junk button. This will pop up a drop down menu from which you should select the option called Junk E-mail Options.
  • Now, a window will open up in the screen showing the Junk E-mail Options. From there, highlight the tab called Block Senders and click the button called Add. This will open up a dialog box for address or domain. Next, enter the email address of the sender whom you want to block, followed by hitting the OK button. This step can also be used to block a domain name.

Second Method

  • Launch the Outlook application in your system and click the option named Inbox. From the Inbox, you need to select the email of the person whom you want to block, followed by clicking the tab called Home. Next to the button called Junk, you will see a drop down menu. Click it and select the option called Block Sender. Click the OK button, if asked for confirmation.

Third Method

  • In addition to the above said method, you can also use your online email account to block those unwanted senders from sending email messages. If you have configured Hotmail in Outlook 2010, click and open your IE browser and navigate to the website of Hotmail. Log in to the Hotmail account, click options, followed by clicking more options.

    Safe and blocked senders

    Blocking a sender in Microsoft Outlook

  • Now, under the heading called Junk email, you will see Safe and blocked senders link, click it. Next, type the email address of the person you want to block in the Blocked email address box, followed by clicking the Add button. Once it is added, close and exit the window.

The above said instructions will help you to setup email in Outlook, which will help you to block an email sender in Outlook. To know more about how to setup email in Outlook for various purposes, contact our tech support team.

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End Of Support For XP Will Put 95 Percent ATMs In Danger

Windows 7 support

          support for Windows 7

Windows XP is an operating system that has brought a revolution in the PC market industry. In fact, because of its outstanding features and functions, it became the most popular operating system of Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft decided to end the support given to this aged operating system. By withdrawing the support, the Windows XP users will no longer receive updates for the operating system. Even though the PC will work after the EOS, the XP system will be more prone to virus and malware attacks.

The end of support for XP will put all the PCs running in the Window XP OS in danger and it is seriously going to affect around 95 percent of ATMs around the world. This is because the world’s 95 percent ATM machines run on Windows XP operating system and with the end of support, these machines will not receive any needed patches and updates, which will be not according to the standards of the industry. Since money is involved in this case, it will force all the banks to upgrade to Windows 7 using appropriate Windows 7 support.

The marketing director of the NCR, the largest ATM supplier in the country of US, says that the upgrade of XP computers in ATMs will have a different impact on the machines. He said this because of the fact that the old machines need to be replaced fully, as they will not support the Windows 7 OS. Another ATM supplier in the US, JPMorgan Chase, says that almost 3000 ATM machines need to change the components to accommodate Windows 7 OS. This, in fact will take more time and as of now, with end of support coming soon, the banks have to take necessary action as quick as possible.

upgrade to Windows 7

         Upgrade to Windows 7

Microsoft’s custom tech support agreements have been used by many banks temporarily to extend the end of support given to XP, which includes Chase. If the hardware is sufficient, almost $300 is needed to upgrade a single ATM machine and it can go higher if the machine’s hardware needs to be replaced. For bigger banks, this will be easy but the smaller banks who use older technologies will find it very difficult to get adjusted with the changes.

If the ATM machines with Windows XP OS continue to work, it will be more vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. As a result, a hacker can easily hack the system and this will result in loss of financial security. Therefore, it is time for the ATMs to upgrade to Windows 7 OS and make use of the live Windows 7 support. To know more about how to upgrade to Windows 7, contact the Windows 7 support center.

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