Indian Company Launches Firefox OS Smartphone

Mozilla Support

Mozilla Support

Spice has launched a new smartphone running the Firefox OS in India. This move, right at the heels of a similar one by local rival Intex, is intended to capture the growing market for affordable smartphones in the region. The new device is priced at INR 2,299. Intex was the first to launch a handset in the area with Mozilla support.

The smartphone from Spice, features dual SIM capabilities, primarily aimed at phone users looking to move on to better features within an affordable budget. The release is expected to meet the demands of those looking to migrate to smartphone use. The company projects sales of one lakh units in the first two months. Currently sales are limited to the Snapdeal, an Indian based online shopping portal.

Mozilla, creator of the famous Firefox browser and now Firefox OS, had come up with a smartphone prototype costing under $25, which they showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. This model was aimed at markets in developing countries including India and China.Intex and Spice were the first local partners to get into the project for low-cost phones, in a country, which is growing fast in the global smartphone arena.

There’s also a sub-$100 device expected from Spice, which will fall under the Android One initiative.Micromax and Karbonn are the other companies that have partnered with Goolge on coming up with smartphones under the $100 price tag.

dual SIM

Mozilla Firefox OS Smartphones

Spice’s Firefox phone, the Spice Fire One Mi FX1, runs on the Firefox OS and a 1 GHz processor. It comes with a 3.5-inch screen, storage expandable up to 4 GB, 1.3MP rear and 0.3 MP front cameras, and a 1,400 mAh battery. Spice has also thrown in with local telecom company Aircel to offer 1GB of free internet usage for three months. All that remains to be seen is how a device with Mozilla support will fare in a market saturated with Android phones.

Handset manufacturers are investing heavily on mobile internet as a way to get further in the market. The current trends, as well as reports, strongly suggest that the next billion people in the region to use the internet for the first time, will do so on a smartphone. This is why, even bigger companies like Microsoft, which recently bought off Nokia’s mobile handset division, are getting ready to try their luck here.

The current lead in the Indian Smartphone market is held by Korean handset maker Samsung, followed by Micromax, Karbonn and Lava.

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Firefox OS Smartphone For 35 Dollars From Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox Help

Firefox Operating Systems

Mozilla Firefox OS has been finally launched in India, which costs only 35 dollars. The device is a result of the combined efforts put forward by the handset company Intex Technologies and Mozilla. The device is integrated with the Cloud EX feature.

At this year’s Mobile Asia Expo, Mozilla made an announcement on bringing Cloud FX feature to the Indonesian and the Indian markets. The inception of this cost effective Smartphone was mocked at earlier in February at the Mobile World Congress.

Keshav Bensal, the director of marketing Intex, made it a point that their aim was to make Smartphones available to all at the cost of a budget phone. This is the reason why they have developed Cloud FX powered phones for a lesser price.

India is growing at a rapid rate globally when it comes to the Smartphone market. Now with the help of Cloud FX powered phones, India will be able to top and stay in the first position. Going by the Canalys report, the top position is not far away for India, as currently it is in the third position when compared to Smartphone sales in the world. The countries that are leading in the first two positions are the United States and China.

It looks like Mozilla is not the only concern that is interested in tapping the lower end of the Smartphone market in India. Lately, Google announced the Android One phone, which will be loaded with FM-radio, dual-SIM slot along with a 4.5-inch wide screen. Android One will be priced at 100 dollars.

Mozilla is on cloud nine, since they have been receiving positive feedback from the customers until now as they say that the user

Mozilla Firefox Help

Mozilla Firefox Smartphone

experience is unique. They are also happy with the openness with which Mozilla has built the Firefox OS. Li Gong, the president of Mozilla said in one of his statements. The ultra-low cost category of Firefox OS Smartphone will amend the features of an entry level Smartphone that would eventually create a very strong momentum in Asia.

Get to know more on the latest Smartphone from Mozilla by contacting the Mozilla Firefox help desk. This will give you an insight into the different features that are available with Mozilla Firefox OS for Smartphones. This is one of the Linux Kernel based operating systems that has been developed for both computers and Smartphones. Mozilla Firefox help desk also provides assistance for queries related to smartphones and OS issues.

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Windows XP Users To Continue Receiving Firefox Support

Mozilla support

                Mozilla Extended Support

Even as several other firms have back-tracked on providing support for their product citing lack of users in the aging Windows XP operating system, Mozilla has pledged to continue support for the Firefox web browser. According to the recent confirmation, Mozilla has told its users not to worry, as there is no intention to cut off support for FireFox in the near future.

Even after the end-of-support deadline from Microsoft for Windows XP in April 2014, scores of users refuse to upgrade to a modern platform. Even after loads of campaigning from the part of Microsoft, claiming that Windows XP is at six times more risk than any other operating system and this ratio will only increase, as hardcore Windows XP users continue to use the out-dated system.

With a soft corner for Windows XP and the aging user-base, Mozilla support pledged application support in hopes of attracting customers and reducing security risks. For those users, who do not find an urgent need to migrate to a new operating system, the statement from Johnathan Nightingale, vice president of Firefox would be like music to the ears since; he said, “We have no plans to discontinue support for our XP users.”

application support

                  Mozilla Firefox Support

Considering that Mozilla is well aware of the fact that millions of users are still on Windows XP, it comes as no surprise that it will continue support to the aging operating system, even after Microsoft itself has pulled the plug on it. As Microsoft had warned, it stopped all support services after the deadline ended. What Microsoft did not predict was how many users would refuse to upgrade to a better system. It might not be a surprise if there were some frustration at Microsoft’s end because its rivals chose not to follow its suit.

Apart from Mozilla support, Google has also announced a similar decision, stating it will continue support for its Chrome web browser on Windows XP. However, this extended support will be available for only one more year past the deadline. Thus, even if Microsoft is trying its level best to dissuade users from using the old Windows operating system, its rivals are following the exact opposite policy.

According to the latest statistics, Windows XP users have declined in number, but XP has not come anywhere close to extinction. If you extrapolate the graph, it becomes obvious that Windows XP will not die out in the year 2014.

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Mozilla Decides To Compete Google's Chromecast

Mozilla Firefox Support

Mozilla Experimenting New Technology

As you know, Google Chromecast allows you to turn your HDMI supported Television set into a smart television that can be controlled by your Android Smartphone. Google was the first one to diverge from the “set-top box” technology that is pursued by both Microsoft and Apple. It seems free software community, Mozilla, is also jumping in on the latest developments.

One of Mozilla’s software developer shared an interesting picture of a Nexus 4 Smartphone beaming a Firefox tab on to a TV lying across the room, which created all the hoopla. This image, shared in Google+, quickly made rounds in various online communities. Finally, Mozilla, which had earlier restricted itself to the Firefox web browser alone, was forced into agreeing that it was working on “second screen support” for a number of devices.

Although they have not mentioned any more details about the technology, or mentioned Googles’ Chromecast, it is pretty obvious that this product will be in direct competition with it. However, don’t get your hopes up yet! Firefox did reveal that this will be a software-only solution and will not feature any sort of hardware device that can be connected. On the contrary, this technology, codenamed Firefox Magic, is happening using the aid of Roku box. Although, fairly expensive in comparison to Chromecast, it has been successful and is fairly common in most households.

Firefox Web Browser

                Tab Mirroring By Mozilla

There are several other differences between Chromecast and Firefox Magic. For starters, Firefox “experiment” is able to achieve full tab mirroring in comparison to Chromecast that is only capable of Tab casting from a desktop PC over local WiFi. Rumours are, WebRTC layer, which was just added to the mobile app a few weeks ago, is achieving this technology. Mozilla is extremely tight-lipped about whether the experimental technology would require an internet connection or not.

Back in July, Google Chromecast was extremely successful. Priced at a mere $35, it was sold out on Amazon in just a few hours and was available for download weeks prior, in the Google Play Store. According to Mozilla Firefox support, unlike Google, Firefox would not have the means to roll out hardware device, and will hence be resorting to a software solution.

Only time can tell how successful Mozilla Magic is going to become. More excitement is abuzz since Firefox has recently released a low-priced Smartphone that is supposedly truly open-source. Taking a jab at Google, Mozilla revealed that this phone will be the first “true” open source telephone in the market. Contact Mozilla Firefox support to learn more about the latest events.

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Procedure To Create A Mozilla Firefox Start Page

Mozilla Support

                  Mozilla Support info

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. It is totally free and open source and you can use this quality internet web browser as an alternative to other web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. When you launch this web browser, it usual opens to the default home page, which unlike most browsers is a special page known as ‘Firefox Start’ page consisting of a Google search engine. In case you wish to open the web browser to a different search engine or a different default home page, then you can easily do it by altering the settings or customizing your home page. You can set multiple pages on different tabs or even set a blank page, whatever you prefer. Here are the Mozilla support instructions to help you out with the process:

Mozilla support instructions you should follow:

Setting a Start Page

  • First, you need to launch Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then you need to type in the website address you wish to set as your start page in the address bar and then press ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard.
  • Then, you need to click on the icon for the web page at the left end of the address bar
  • Thereafter, you need to hold the mouse down and drag the item into the ‘Home’ icon located on the Firefox toolbar.
  • Then, you need to click on the ‘Yes’ button when prompted whether you want to set the site as your home page.

    customizing your home page

                Mozilla support help

Setting Multiple Start Pages

  • Open Firefox. Launch as many tabs as you want to set for your start page. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Open a New Tab’ button to the right of the original tab or you can use the keyboard keys ‘Ctrl + T’ for opening the tabs.
  • Subsequently, you need to navigate to the web page you want to set for the next tab. Then you can repeat the same for each tab. This way, the pages you want to use as start pages are all open in different tabs in the same window.
  • Thereafter, go to ‘Tools’ menu and then select ‘Options’. Click on ‘General’ located at the top of the ‘Options’ dialog box.
  • Then you need to click ‘Use Current Pages’ button located beneath ‘When Firefox Starts’.
  • You can click on ‘OK’ for saving the changes and close the dialog box.

This is how you can set your home page and multiple pages in Mozilla Firefox.

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