Microsoft Azure Introduces Support For Kubernetes

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Earlier, Microsoft help & support center had promised that the company aims to provide support for managing Docker containers. This was during the month of June. Now, Microsoft has fulfilled this promise. This is made possible with the help of the Kubernetes tool developed by Google. The integration works to make this technology work were carried out by Microsoft Open Technologies. This department specializes in open source technologies and interfacing it.

With the implementation of Kubernetes, users will now be able to view the setup with the help of dashboard developed for the platform. According to Microsoft help & support center, with the new project, it will be “much easier to experiment with and learn Kubernetes on Azure.” The Visualizer has been developed with the hackathon program carried out last month.

With the introduction of Kubernetes and Docker, developers can build containers and release them on the storage service of Azure. It will also enable them to deploy Azure clusters with the help of container images found on Azure. They may also make use of the images stored in the main Docker Hub. In addition, users will be able to update, configure and delete the clusters as per their requirements.

Microsoft Azure, the cloud-computing platform, is widely used around the globe. It was released four years back and it allows users for deploying, building and managing applications with the help of datacenters located at different locations. Some of the features that make Azure a much-loved cloud-computing platforms are mentioned below.

Blob Storage

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According to Microsoft help & support center, with the help of Microsoft Azure websites, users will be able to develop sites with the programs PHP, .NET, ASP, Python and Node.js. The developed websites can be deployed with the help of Git, Team Foundation Server, Mercurial etc. The virtual machines with the network is a great tool, which makes migration of applications a lot easier, without the troubles of making changes to the codes. It supports both Linux and Windows Server virtual machines.

The various services of Microsoft Azure include websites, cloud services, data management, business analytics, identity, virtual machines, mobile services, media services, messaging etc. Data management deals with tables, SQL database, BLOB Storage and Business analytics that include Hadoop, Data Marketplace, SQL reporting etc. Microsoft Azure has two messaging services, the Microsoft Azure Service Bus and the Queues.

The additional support for Kubernetes along with the above mentioned features would definitely attract more customers to the service.

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Mozilla To Provide Browser-Enabled Game For Its Users

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most preferred web browsers that provide the most secure browsing experience to the users. The web browser includes several advanced options and features that make it one of the top used web browsers. There is also a dedicated customer support team by the name Mozilla support wherein the technicians troubleshoot and fix all the issues related to Firefox.

According to recent reports, Mozilla has been insisting on the idea of using web apps instead of the traditional apps that were used in mobile phones earlier that ran on Firefox OS for phones and tablets. This is definitely an advance move to make the OS more convenient and unique to use on mobile phones. In addition to this, Mozilla support professionals also stated that they have been working to launch games that are compatible to run in a desktop web browser, similar to the PC games.

The latest technology asm.js makes it possible for the browser-based games to run like native apps without the use of plugins. Only demos of such web apps that use this technology have been released so far. The company has plans to release the first game that uses the asm.js technology by the name Dungeon Defenders Eternity. This is a 3D RPG game and is already available for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. As per the recent announcement, the game developers will be offering a totally new version of the game that users can easily play in a web browser, says Firefox. For this, all that the users would require is to buy a game license from Steam just like they do in the case of a usual desktop game.

3D RPG Game

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This high-end game will also be using the advanced WebGL technology along with asm.js. This is intended to support 3D graphics in a web browser. Mozilla has already promised the customers that this game would run at almost the same speed as it runs in a normal PC, which is just phenomenal. The decision to make Dungeon Defenders available for users to play it on web browsers is really a novel attempt that would set the benchmark for other games as well in the future.

In short, it is obvious that with the availability of this game and more in the future, the popularity and usage of Firefox as a web browser would soar to greater heights.

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Mozilla Firefox Finally Available On Windows 8 Tablets

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         Firefox available on Windows 8

It seems that the long delay for Firefox for Windows 8 tablets is finally over, since Mozilla has finally released a stable version long after the release of relatively obscure and unstable Nightly development channel. Mozilla proudly announced today that Windows 8′s Metro style user interface is available in the Aurora release channel. Once this release makes rounds and the existing issues are resolved, Mozilla will finally pave way for Beta and release channel. Even though the date is not fixed, the final release version is slated for launch soon. Contact our Mozilla Firefox support team, if you have troubles using the latest version.

The new version of Firefox is a lot like the new Metro version of Internet Explorer. Firefox has made major changes in the interface elements and has done away with most of the user interface that was available before. At this moment, it’s too early to calculate how the general public will perceive the latest version of Firefox. The new version will give more priority for swipe gestures and features two large buttons that are available on both sides of the screen. The large + button on the right opens a new tab whereas the arrow button on the left is the back button to navigate back to the previous page. As can be observed, Mozilla has a minimalistic design that will go well with touch screen hand-held devices.

Advanced Video Coding

          Windows 8 tablets now runs Firefox

Mozilla revealed that the latest released version employs the same Gecko rendering engine, which runs in the desktop version. To run high performance JavaScript apps, Mozilla managed to include support for WebGL and Mozilla’s asm.js. Similar to most other web browsers that are compatible on Windows 8 tablets, the new version features hardware accelerated HTML5 video and support for WebM and H.264. While WebM is the Google-sponsored royalty free video file format built specifically for use in the HTML5 video tag, H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC (Advanced Video Coding) is a video compression format for recording, compressing and distribution of video content. Additionally, Firefox has also managed to add the Windows 8 special share button ‘Charm’.

During the release of this version, Mozilla has stressed on the fact that it is just a pre-release version. Even though the developers believe that the user interface is ready for prime-time, the team plans to focus exclusively on improving the performance and responsiveness in the official release version. Help the Mozilla community by downloading and testing the latest version now! If you want to know more about the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, contact our Mozilla Firefox support team online.

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Mozilla Adds Firefox Search In Android

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Mozilla Corporation has added a new Firefox Search option to Nightly versions of Firefox mobile browser. From Firefox 34 onwards, all the users of the browser will be having access to those features. When the users swipe from the bottom of the screen up on the Android devices that are running the recent versions of the OS, an option to launch Google Now will come up. If you are running Firefox 34 on Android, you will be able to notice that another option has been added to the feature. This option is called Firefox Search. On the first run, the users will be asked if they wish to run Firefox Search or Google Now and will have options to select only for one time or permanently.

Choosing Google will launch Google Now on the device whereas the selection of Nightly Search will load a basic interface that can be used to search the Internet. All you can do is enter a search term to run a search on Yahoo, or to select one of the old search terms to run the search again on the system. There is also a button located at the bottom of the screen that the users can use to remove the search history from the device. This was confirmed after contacting the Mozilla Firefox support team.

Launch Google Now

Firefox Search

While the feature is limited at the time of writing, it is the underlying plan of Mozilla that is very much interesting. Search will remain the focus of Mozilla but instead of being limited in features like Google Now that only displays results that are maintained by one single company, choice and additional functionality will be added to this feature. Besides the option to select various search providers, Firefox Search will also support rich results in the form of cards that are displayed on the screen similar to how Google Now is displaying the information to the users.

There is also a new Firefox Search widget that the users can add to the Android home screen. The users can use it to run a search using the Firefox Search directly from there. This can also be used to open a new tab in the browser. Mozilla has ample time to improve future releases and by their plans, it seems that that is exactly what they are doing. If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact our Mozilla Firefox support team.

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Omnitech Support Common Troubleshooting for Flash Media in Internet Explorer

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