Omnitech Support Common Troubleshooting for Flash Media in Internet Explorer

Omnitech support provides help with all your PC problems. See how to deal with errors that occur while running Flash media files in IE here:

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Download Mozilla Firefox Browser For Android

Mozilla Firefox Support

Support For Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a famous browser released by Mozilla Cooperation. The users can use the Firefox browser for free by downloading it from the official website of Mozilla and it is compatible with all types of operating systems including Mac, Android, Linux and Windows. As a result of the increasing popularity for Android devices, Mozilla has released a new Firefox browser app for the users who are using Android devices. All the Android devices users can download this browser app from the Google Play Store and that too for free. Moreover, it is compatible with devices running on Android version 2.2 and later.

Over the last couple of weeks, a lot of beta testing has been done for the app and it is after much testing, it was made available for the users. Now, the users can download a more stable version of the Firefox browser app and it contains some of the features that were found in the other beta versions that were released before.

However, the users who are well familiar with the beta versions of Firefox browser will surely find some new changes in the changelog. Now, let’s look at some of the features of the Firefox browser app according to the Mozilla Firefox support team.

New features of the Firefox browser app

  • The new Firefox browser app for Android devices is coming with Web Audio support and for those users who lend their phone to friends, they have included a feature called Guest Browsing.
  • To protect users from attacks and eavesdroppers on HTTPS pages, this app comes with a mixed content blocking feature. This will be a huge relief for the users.
  • Mozilla Cooperation

    Firefox Support

    Add-on features are included in this app and as a result, the users who have downloaded this app can add indicators to the URL bar.

  • Many ES6 functions are implemented in this app and they come with local support to control the scrolling of the background.
  • In addition to the languages included, the new Firefox app has included some languages like Irish, Ukrainian, and Romanian.
  • Remote debugging feature is included and the users can enable this feature from the settings. Moreover, it also includes CSS3 background-attachments and Contacts API.

All the devices running on Android version 2.2 and later can use this browser app by downloading it from the Google Play Store. For more news and information regarding this, contact the Mozilla Firefox support team.

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Easiest Options For Outlook Data Backup

Back Up Outlook Data

How To Setup Email In Outlook

Once you have setup email in Outlook, you may think that everything is going to be okay. Two third of the job is done with the completion of setting up the email account in Outlook. But, there is no security for the email you are receiving. Unlike webmail accounts, Outlook is an email client application and thus it stores all data in your local drive. Therefore, there are increased chances for losing your valuable data like important emails or contacts at any time as a result of a system failure, virus attack or similar misfortunes. If you want to keep your data protected without a potential loss in future, you need to make sure that it is backed up.

Common scenarios where you can lose your Outlook data

Knowing some of the scenarios under which you may lose your Outlook data is very important to be vigilant of such misfortunes and do necessary actions to avoid them.

Hardware failure

Hardware failure is the most common reason for people to lose their Outlook data. All the emails you receive in Outlook and all the contacts you add to your Outlook Address book are stored in a specified folder in your hard drive in .pst format. When your hard disk gets corrupted due to any unexpected causes, you could lose all data in it, including the .PST files.

Virus infection

When your PC gets infected by malicious viruses, it not only corrupts your OS or installed applications but also the valuable data stored in the hard drive. The entire data can be erased or corrupted in such a manner that you can’t recover them in future.

How to avoid losing Outlook data?

There is no better way to avoid losing your Outlook data than backing it up. There are two methods to back up your Outlook data; manually backing them up and using an Outlook data backup program.

Malicious Viruses

Outlook Email Setup

Manually backing up Outlook data

You can back up your Outlook data manually to an external storage device. This is the most inexpensive and easiest way indeed.

Outlook backup program

If manually backing up your Outlook data annoys you, you can make use of an Outlook backup program to back up your valuable Outlook data. An Outlook backup program automatically backs up all the new data you add or receive in Outlook.

Be advised to start backing up your Outlook data immediately after you setup email in Outlook. Contact an Outlook expert for any other help regarding how to setup email in Outlook or back up Outlook data.

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Record Mozilla Firefox Activities Using FRAPS

Mozilla Firefox Help

              Features Of Firefox

If you wish to take a screenshot, you would press the print screen button on your keyboard and then paste it to any of the programs. However, what will you do if you want to capture a video running on the screen? Here comes a new program called FRAPS, which will help you to record your screen in the form of a movie. However, Fraps is designed to work with Mozilla Firefox and therefore, you will have to use Firefox browser if you intend to use this application.

According to Mozilla Firefox help center, you can install this program with a few simple steps. In this post, we will take you through the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

  • Go to the official website of FRAPS and then locate the download button for the FRAPS program. Click and download the program to the computer. Follow the on-screen commands to install FRAPS on the computer.
  • Once the installation completes, double-click and run the program.
  • The opening window of the program shows up several tabs.
  • Choose the tab General and mark the option Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM).
  • Select the tab FPS and this will show the various settings for the program.
  • Find the text box that reads Overlay Hotkey. The default hotkey is F12. Once you press the Overlay Hotkey (here, F12), the overlay hides. Make a note of this hotkey.
  • Go to the tab Movies and find the text box that reads Folder to Save Movies. When you record a movie, it will be saved to the location mentioned here. You may change this location if you wish.

    Print Screen

                 Install Firefox Browser

  • In the field for Video Capture Hotkey, you will find F9 entered. This means, you can turn on the screen recording by pressing the F9 key.
  • If you do not wish to record the audio, remove the check mark from the option Record Win7 Sound.

Once you setup the program, open Firefox. Use the Video Capture Hotkey to record the video. You may carry out other tasks with the browser. You may also stop the recording in between and then resume it. Once you finish recording, go to the folder where the recordings are saved. Double-click and open the file and this will display your Firefox activities in a video format. According to Mozilla Firefox help blogs, this is a great method to record video files that you watch online with the browser. This avoids the troubles of downloading them to the computer and thus helps you to save data.

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Repairing Frequent Crashes In Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Support

          Mozilla Firefox Crashing

Mozilla Firefox is an eminent web browser among Windows users, and it has been around for some time now. You do not see as many problems with its use as you would with Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s resident web browser. But on extensive use you will bump into some issues. A prime example of the same is frequent crashes while browsing, and as you may have guessed, this is commonly caused by add-ons, mostly third party.

Browsers like Mozilla Firefox support such fractional enhancements that augment the features in them. Yet sometimes, these extensions prevent the browser from responding to clicks or scrolling. Here are a few easy troubleshooting steps that will help you take care of this problem.


  • Reboot your computer and launch Firefox anew. That is all it takes sometimes and may fix your problem. However, do not hold out too much hope. If this does not work, try the steps below.
  • Open Firefox in Safe Mode. To do that, go to the Help menu from the relevant button on the top bar, and select Restart with Add-ons Disabled….. When Firefox opens this time, you will see the Firefox Safe Mode dialog box. You can see Disable all add-ons link there. Mark that and select Continue in Safe Mode. If even this does not fix your problem, try the next step.
  • Install the latest updates and patches for Firefox. Go to the Help menu and select About Firefox option. That sets the updates downloading automatically. When prompted to install them, hit Apply Update. The browser will restart automatically with the updates installed. If that does not help with your problems either, move on to the next step.

    Disable All Add-ons

                 Mozilla Firefox Restarts

  • Adobe Flash Player on your browser might be outdated, and causing the crash when you watch videos online. Go to the Adobe website and find the right version for your Firefox version. Hit the Download button on the page and follow the prompts to download and install Adobe Flash Player. If this does not fix your primary problem, at least your video streaming will be smoother now.
  • Get rid of a few add-ons if you have too many installed. Usually it is the memory they consume collectively that causes the browser to drag or crash. If that were the case then a little de-cluttering would allow smoother scrolling as well.

Try out the above steps and see if they solve your problem. If not call us for Mozilla Firefox support, and we will assist you with the matter. Have a good day!

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