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Firefox is one of the best and most famous web-browsers available in the market. It is an open-source web browser and has millions of users. Firefox web-browser is developed and distributed by Mozilla Foundation. One of the best features about Firefox is that you can use Mozilla Firefox in various platforms like Linux, Windows, and MacOS. You can also use Mozilla in your Android mobile device. If we talk about security, Firefox offers many advanced security features like pernicious website redirection, pop-up blocking and many more. Firefox also provides you with good browsing speed. Sometimes due to advanced features or some other issues, a user may face many types of glitches while using Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Support is providing you a reliable technical service, which is available round the clock for seven days a week at your help. We have an expert team for this job, our team members have years of experience in this work. They know how to tackle with all Firefox related issues. If you need any kind of assistance for your Firefox web-browser, contact us and get all your queries resolved quickly. Mozilla Firefox Support provides you best technical solutions, you can dial Mozilla Firefox Support Number and get the reliable help which can save you time as well as money.

Issues in downloading or installing Mozilla Firefox

 Most of the times, downloading glitches occur due to a weak internet connection. If your internet speed is not smooth, you may unable to download the Firefox. Unreliable download source can also be another cause of downloading failure. Always download Mozilla Firefox from a reliable source with good internet speed. Installation issues occur due to incomplete downloaded files, corrupt register entries, or issues in the device driver. Insufficient space can also lead to this issue. You can repair your register entries, and update the device drivers for solving installation issues. You can get installation error if you have viruses in your system. Perform a full scan with a good antivirus. Restart your device and try to install Firefox again.


Restoring Default Firefox settings to the default values

Restoring settings is one of the most useful functions of Firefox web-browser. With this function, you can restore web browser to its default setting without removing the important data such as cookies, bookmarks, browsing history, and auto-fill information. If you feel that your Firefox web browser is bogged down with crashes and slowness. Then restoring your setting to the default values can be a good technique for dealing this issue. Restoring the settings can help in solving many glitches. In another web browser, resetting the settings to the default value can cause you other loss. In other web browsers, if you reset your web browser setting all the important values such as bookmarks, browsing history, auto-fill data etc get removed. But in case of Firefox, it provides a Refresh Firefox feature in which you can choose how you want to restore the web-browser. This browser stores most of the user-specific settings and data in a different folder. That folder stores that folder in a separate location from Firefox application. Your data will remain safe even if your Firefox get corrupted.  When you use refresh Firefox feature, it creates a new profile folder and saves all the important data. Refreshing Firefox is such a wonderful tool which solves many other common issues of the web browser.

The following data will be saved while resetting the browser:

  • Browsing History
  • Saved Passwords
  • Form auto-filled data
  • Cookies
  • Bookmarks

Steps for restoring Firefox default settings:

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser
  2. Tap on the main menu button
  • Tap on the Help menu
  1. Choose Troubleshooting Information option
  2. Choose Refresh Firefox button, a confirmation dialog box will be displayed on the screen and will ask that you want to reset Firefox to its initial state
  3. Click on the Refresh button at the bottom of that dialog box.

If you need any kind of assistance for resetting the Firefox you can contact Mozilla Firefox Support easily.


How to solve Page not loading issue?

This error is reported by many Firefox users. Page not loading issue can occur due to many reasons such as weak internet, corrupt program files, malware attack etc. Open your Firefox on Safe mode:

  1. Open your Firefox browser
  2. Click on Library button
  • Go to the Help icon
  1. Tap on Restart with Add-ons Disabled
  2. Your Firefox will open a Safe Mode Button
  3. If you are still getting Page not loading error you can contact us for reliable help.

Other issues with Mozilla Firefox:

  • Unable to bookmark the pages
  • OS compatibility issues
  • Firefox conflicts with security software
  • SSL encryption and security issue
  • Slow speed issue

If you have any kind of trouble while using Firefox you can contact us and our team will provide you with the most working solutions.