Configuring Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox settings, Mozilla Firefox

Firefox settings

If you want to take a break from your old Internet Explorer browser, Mozilla Firefox can be a good alternative for you. The most appealing feature of Firefox is its ability to be customized easily. Just go to the menu bar and select “Tools.” Click on “Options”, which opens with seven icons labeled “Main,” “Tabs,” “Content,” “Applications,” “Privacy,” “Security” and “Advanced“.

Instructions to configure Firefox

  • From the Firefox options panel, click the “Main” icon. There will be 3 options- startup, download, and add-ons. To specify what page you want Firefox to load when you open it, Use startup options. Indicate if you want Firefox to show the download window with download options while downloading and where you want it to store downloaded files.
  • Select “Tabs” icon. Select how you want Firefox tabs to behave. If you new pages to open in a new tab, in a current tab or in a new window, specify those. Regarding tab behavior, Select warnings you want to see and decide when you want to hide Firefox’s tab bar.
  • Click “Content” icon. Choose if you want to block pop-up windows, load images immediately or enable JavaScript and Java.
  • Select “Applications” icon. You can see a list of file types and associated applications. If you want to use a different program to listen audio files, you can make that change here.
  • Click the “Privacy icon.” And determine how long you want to retain history data, if you want to accept cookies, clear private data etc.
  • Click the “Security” icon. Here you can decide if you want Firefox to warn you potential attack sites, forgeries or install add-ons etc.

    Mozilla Firefox settings, Mozilla Firefox

    Firefox settings

  • Click the “Advanced” icon. There will be 4 tabs: “General,” “Network,” “Update” and “Encryption.” set scrolling and spelling preferences with the “General” tab as well as select whether Firefox always checks to see if it is your default browser. The connection settings are controlled at the “network” tab, which you won’t require to change often.
  • You can then close the Mozilla Firefox settings options panel and test the preferences you set. If you later want to change these Mozilla Firefox settings, come back and alter your choices.

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