Certificate Errors of Kaspersky in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox add-ons, security certificate

Issues with certificate in Kaspersky

With the development of technology, the need for having finer protection and safer system has become inevitable. Kaspersky is one among the security programs that offers protection; as a standalone application or as Mozilla Firefox add-ons. The add-on will scan the files downloaded through the Firefox browser and ensure that the system is secure. The Kaspersky, like some of the Mozilla Firefox add-ons, require a security certificate for its functioning. Usually, running the security program as Firefox add-on will not show any issue. However, sometimes some certificate errors may happen. There are many reasons for the security certificate errors with Kaspersky in Firefox.

Firefox Problems

Mozilla Firefox handles the Kaspersky security certificates well; however, sometimes problems may arise. The issues occur when the version of the Firefox browser used is either too new or too old for the Kaspersky plug-in. The errors also occur when the browser become corrupted. The fix, in both cases,  is to reinstall or update Firefox on the system.

Kaspersky Problems

Here the culprit is Kaspersky itself. The problems with the security certificate can be due to the Kaspersky add-on itself. Unlike in the previous case, this is usually caused by a very old version of the Kaspersky add-on, which will not properly work with the latest Firefox browser. The issues can

Mozilla Firefox add-ons, security certificate

Issues with certificate in Kaspersky

also happen when the Kaspersky program becomes damaged. Virus and malwares can be the reason for the damage of the program. Install the newest version of the Kaspersky add-on to Firefox to fix the issues.

Certificate Issues

Even if you have the latest Firefox and Kaspersky copies you may still get the errors. This can be due to issues with the certificate itself. Firefox reads the certificate and checks to ensure that the certificate is valid. If it is not valid, either incorrectly configured or damaged, the browser will display error message. The issue can be fixed by re-loading the certificate.

Other Causes for the issue

The security settings of Firefox can be the other reason for the issues. A browser, which is not properly configured to work with certificates, will obviously show error messages any time a certificate is loaded. Seek the help of the Mozilla Firefox support team for configuring the security settings. The certificate issues may occur if the firewall is blocking Internet access for the certificate. This can be fixed by disabling the firewall temporarily or by adding an exception for Firefox.

Hope this article gave you an idea about the security certificate issues.

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