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 About the Firefox OS

Not many of you might have heard about the Firefox OS. This was supposed to be Mozilla’s Android, but it did not take off as successfully as the Google’s OS for tablets and smart phones. The excellent Mozilla Firefox Help services provided for the OS did not make any difference either. However, it seems Mozilla intends to change all that with taking some initiative to get the developers on board.

About the Firefox OS

The Firefox OS is an open-source OS for tablets and smart phones. Just like the Google Android, it is also Linux-based. However, the developers so far have not taken much liking to the Firefox OS, as Mozilla expected them to. On the contrary, the software developers’ community really liked Android, which has moved on to its fourth latest edition.

This might have prompted Mozilla to rethink its strategy. It is clear that they have to get the developer’s community excited about the possibilities of Firefox OS. The recent announcement from Mozilla about their initiative to give away Firefox phones to the developers to help them design quality apps for them one such move.

Is it too little too late?

Perhaps, it is too late to take on the Google Android OS, now. However, this is irrelevant. Remember, that the Firefox OS is an open source operating system. Unlike Microsoft, Mozilla is not in it to make money. This being the case, it does not really matter much that the Android OS has already dominated the smart phone and tablet OS market.

Proprietary softwares

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So, it is really up to the developers to come up with some improvements on the open source operating system and design some cool apps for it that would increase its popularity. I am sure with there are many developers out there, who would rise to this challenge.

What this means to the smart phone and tablet consumers?

Clearly, this is good news for the smart phone and tablet consumers. Gone are the days of the proprietary softwares – at least in the case of smart phones and tablets. The Google Android OS really made a difference here.

The figures show that Android now enjoys more than two-thirds of the smart phone and tablet OS market share. Clearly, open source is the way to go. With the Mozilla Firefox Help services and phone apps, the Firefox OS would provide the consumers with one more open source operating system to choose from.

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