How to troubleshoot a Reset connection in Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox errors

Reset connection in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a popular freeware browser which can be used as an alternative to your Internet Explorer browser. A lot of users prefer Mozilla Firefox over IE because of its efficient design, performance and speed. However, just as with any other web browser, Mozilla Firefox also encounters issues and troubles. Fortunately, there are clear tech support tutorials and guidelines to resolve the Firefox issues too.

You might have encountered the error message “The Connection Was Reset” when Mozilla Firefox is unable to connect to a webpage or server. For a specific Web page, Cookies store user data or preferences; the cache saves images or other data on the website so as to make the page easily and quickly accessible in the future. When attempting to connect to a Web page, both cookies and cache can cause problems. In Firefox, the reset connection error can be stopped by clearing these settings. If you still receive problems, it might be probably due to interfering antivirus or firewall programs on your system.

Instructions to fix Mozilla Firefox errors with internet connection

  • Click “Tools,” “Clear Recent History” and then from the “Time Range to Clear” drop-down menu, select “Everything“.
  • Check “Cookies” and “Cache.” to preserve browser data, Leave all other items unchecked.
  • To erase the cookies and cache data, Click “Clear now“. Restart Firefox and then attempt to visit a website to make sure the connection is there and is working fine.
  • If the reset connection error reappears, Disable your antivirus and firewall software. Test Firefox again.

    Mozilla Firefox errors

    Reset connection in Firefox

  • If the error persists, open another browser and attempt accessing the page. Even when using another browser, if the problem continues the website’s server could be experiencing problems. If you can’t still access the internet, even while trying some other website, then you should contact your Internet Service Provider for any further assistance.
  • Also try disconnecting your modem for a second and connect it back again, wait for some seconds and see if it helps.

These tech support instructions will help you with your Mozilla Firefox errors. In case you still encounter issues, contact ISP or tech support team. Thank you for spending your valuable time here. Take care and have a great day ahead!


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