Mozilla Firefox error “This Connection is Untrusted”

Mozilla Firefox error, The connection is untrusted

The connection is untrusted error

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most famous of all web browsers. It’s being used by millions of users around the globe. Mozilla users might sometimes encounter an alarming message while trying to navigate to a website. The message contains a yellow warning graph and a message saying “This connection is untrusted”. This error means that your Firefox is not able to confirm your connection to the chosen website because it thinks that the site is not secure. The identity of the website cannot be verified.

Why are you getting this message?

You will get the untrusted connection message when you go to a site whose URL begins with “https”. These websites are expected to provide an encrypted connection. Firefox verifies the virtual certificates provided by these websites to make sure that the website you are navigating to is authentic. If it fails to verify the identity of the website through the certificate; you will be given the warning message. This message a will also appear while trying to access a web content management system through the internet.

Secure method

According to Mozilla, the safest thing that you can do when you receive the “untrusted connection” message is to hit the button titled “Get me out of here”. Alternatively, you can navigate to a different website. Also try contacting the webmaster or the company who is running the site to report the error message.

How to bypass the warning?

By pressing the button labeled “I understand the risks”, you can choose to move forward with viewing the suspicious website. After clicking this button, you need to add and confirm a security exception for the site. But always keep in mind that by doing this, you’re at an increased risk to identity theft or online “eavesdropping”.

What are the reasons for invalid identity?

Mozilla Firefox error, The connection is untrusted

The connection is untrusted error

Several reasons are identified by Mozilla on why a site’s certificate might appear to be invalid. The identity certificate of the website might have expired or your computer’s clock may be wrongly configured. The certificate might be applied to a different section of the same website.

That’s all with the information regarding the Mozilla Firefox error “The connection is untrusted”. Fro more help with the same, try Googling. Have a nice day!

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  1. Miho

    I can’t google it because google is the website that “the connection is untrusted” I don’t know why this is but it seems to be some sort of mistake.


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