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Many websites are created in such a way that they have an easy interface that is easily readable and understandable for the users. Having an easy to use interface enables the customers to stay longer in the web page and this helps it become popular among the users. To have a good interaction with the user, websites use a programming language called JavaScript. However, in the web browser Mozilla, there is an option to enable and disable JavaScript. But one should be aware that particular websites which have elements of Java will not function properly if you disable JavaScript. Mozilla Firefox support provides assistance if you encounter any problems with the Firefox browser.

Enabling JavaScript

  • First, open Firefox browser that is installed in your system. It may be present in the desktop or in the quick launch toolbar in Windows and in Mac, it will be present in the desktop.
  • After opening Firefox, on the top menu bar, there will be a set of options. From that, select Tools (for Windows) or Firefox (for MAC).
  • From the Tools menu, choose options (for Windows) or click on Preferences (for Mac). A new window will appear on your screen.
  • Now the Content icon has to be clicked.
  • Many checkboxes will be present. Make sure that the check box named ‘Enable JavaScript’ is checked.
  • The button titled Advanced will be present, select it. When you select it, a menu will appear.
  • Now according to your preferences, you can configure the java script. According to your requirements, put a check mark in the required boxes. Once you are finished with your work, click on OK.
  • In order to close the option window, click on OK for Windows systems and for MAC users, you need to just close the box. Now the JavaScript feature will be enabled.

Some Know how’s

  • You will need to have the latest version of Firefox that is released by Mozilla.

    Programming language called javascript

    Support section of Mozilla

  • Take your time and patience to read the support section of Mozilla to understand the detailed functionalities and features of Firefox.
  • Firefox has pretty good security services to protect you while surfing the web. It has an advanced pop up blocker which does not allow the commercial advertisements and pop ups to appear. Whenever you are directed to an encrypted page, Firefox will warn you.
  • Make sure that you have the minimum configurations on your computer before installing Firefox.

If you require any assistance while enabling JavaScript, you can contact Mozilla Firefox support to resolve all your issues.

One thought on “Enabling JavaScript In Firefox

  1. Peter Pool

    I am running version 27.0.1. In Tools/Options/Content, I do not see a list of checkboxes. Only 3 frames Block Popups, Fonts and Languages, so I can’t check whether Javascript is enabled. Why is this?


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