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We have multiple web browsers available today. After using a particular web browser for quite some time, you might prefer using a different web browser for a change. For instance, imagine that you are using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and you have just seen your friends using Mozilla Firefox. You are fascinated by its user-friendly features and want to try it. However, you have a multitude of bookmarked pages in your current browser.

You will certainly look for a way to import those bookmarks to your new browser. For instance, if Mozilla Firefox happens to be the new web browser that you want to use, read this post to find out how to import the bookmarks from a different browser to Mozilla. Alternatively, you can contact the Mozilla support for any assistance.


  • Launch your Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • Go to the menu bar and locate the Bookmarks.
  • Click on the Bookmarks and select the option that says Organize Bookmarks from the dropdown menu.
  • This will display the Bookmark Manager window.
  • Locate the File option in the Bookmarks Manager window and click on it.
  • Click on the Import button from the dropdown menu.
  • Browse to choose the location from where you wish to import the bookmarks. You can import the bookmarks either from a different browser or a file.
  • Press on the Next button after browsing and selecting the bookmarks file.
  • Mozilla Firefoxbrowser will now import the bookmarks. If you have selected a file as the location to import your bookmarks from, a separate window will be opened. You will need to browse through multiple files to locate the correct file.

    Bookmarks Manager

              Mozilla web browser 


  • If the location to import bookmarks from is a file rather than a web browser, you can locate the file easily by looking for the file labeled Bookmarks.html. However, make sure that you save the bookmarks in HTML format if you wish to create such a file of bookmarks for a different browser.
  • Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of Mozilla Firefox from the official website of the browser.
  • Mozilla Firefox requires you to maintain a minimum system requirements of 233 MHz processor, 50 MB hard drive free space and 64 MB of RAM for the uninterrupted working of the browser. 

These steps should help you import your bookmarks to Mozilla from a different browser. For any further concerns with your Firefox browser, contact Mozilla support.

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