What to do with a Hijacked Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox Problems, Mozilla Firefox

Hijacked Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a popular internet browser well known for its optimized design and user friendly interface. Many people use Firefox as their default web browser and as such any issue with the web browser shall be very frustrating. Normally on starting Mozilla Firefox browser window, it should instantly load to your homepage. But if it doesn’t, then there might be an issue.

Sometimes, this could mean that you web browser is hijacked. There are many ways through which browser hijacks can occur. The most common attacks occur when the users visit a web page and trigger code to download their hard drive. If you have been the victim of browser hijacking, do not panic. Most hijackers are not interested in doing any harm to your computer, but what they want to do is, draw direct traffic to their websites. The following instructions can help you fix the Mozilla Firefox problems and return your computer back to a healthy state.

Instructions to fix Mozilla Firefox Problems

Close Browser windows:

  • From the right side of your computer screen, Right-click on the time located there.
  • From the menu that appears next to your cursor, select “Task Manager“.
  • Under the “Processes” tab, Look for any application titled Firefox.
  • Highlight any Firefox process and from the bottom of the window, click on “End Process” to close any running browser windows.

Blocking pop-ups

  • Open a new Firefox window.
  • Click on the “Tools” menu located at the top of your browser.
  • From the top of the dialog box, Select “Options” then “Content“.
  • To the box next to the “Block pop-up windows” Move your pointer if there is no check there then click on the box.
  • To close the window, Click on “Ok.”

Disable Add-ons

  • From the top of your browser window, select “Tools” and then select “Add-ons.”

    Mozilla Firefox Problems, Mozilla Firefox

    Hijacked Mozilla Firefox Browser

  • Check through the list of add-ons installed on your system and disable any add-on that you no longer use or do not even remember installing.
  • Highlight the add-on by clicking on it and the click on “Disable” option for that item which you want to remove.

That’s all the support you will need, thank you and have a great day!

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