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What to do with a Hijacked Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox Problems, Mozilla Firefox

Hijacked Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a popular internet browser well known for its optimized design and user friendly interface. Many people use Firefox as their default web browser and as such any issue with the web browser shall be very frustrating. Normally on starting Mozilla Firefox browser window, it should instantly load to your homepage. But if it doesn’t, then there might be an issue.

Sometimes, this could mean that you web browser is hijacked. There are many ways through which browser hijacks can occur. The most common attacks occur when the users visit a web page and trigger code to download their hard drive. If you have been the victim of browser hijacking, do not panic. Most hijackers are not interested in doing any harm to your computer, but what they want to do is, draw direct traffic to their websites. The following instructions can help you fix the Mozilla Firefox problems and return your computer back to a healthy state.

Instructions to fix Mozilla Firefox Problems

Close Browser windows:

  • From the right side of your computer screen, Right-click on the time located there.
  • From the menu that appears next to your cursor, select “Task Manager“.
  • Under the “Processes” tab, Look for any application titled Firefox.
  • Highlight any Firefox process and from the bottom of the window, click on “End Process” to close any running browser windows.

Blocking pop-ups

  • Open a new Firefox window.
  • Click on the “Tools” menu located at the top of your browser.
  • From the top of the dialog box, Select “Options” then “Content“.
  • To the box next to the “Block pop-up windows” Move your pointer if there is no check there then click on the box.
  • To close the window, Click on “Ok.”

Disable Add-ons

  • From the top of your browser window, select “Tools” and then select “Add-ons.”

    Mozilla Firefox Problems, Mozilla Firefox

    Hijacked Mozilla Firefox Browser

  • Check through the list of add-ons installed on your system and disable any add-on that you no longer use or do not even remember installing.
  • Highlight the add-on by clicking on it and the click on “Disable” option for that item which you want to remove.

That’s all the support you will need, thank you and have a great day!

What Needs to be Done When Your Keyboard Does Not Work with Certain Websites in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Problems, Keyboard

resolve Mozilla Firefox Problems

A keyboard that does not function well can result in quite a frustrating experience for users. Let us suppose that Firefox happens to be the only program on your computer experiencing difficulty in recognizing keyboard input. If so, the problem is most likely to involve a software issue instead of the keyboard itself. There are various ways to solve such problems. These may be done quickly. As soon as the cause is isolated, you will see that your browser backs up and runs within a matter of minutes. Instructions to overcome such Mozilla Firefox problems are given below.


  1. Start off with these instructions by closing any Firefox “Print Preview” windows which are currently open. The Firefox Knowledge Base says that having a “Print Preview” window opens causes jumbled text, which is, letters which appear in the reverse order from that in which they are typed. This shows that the keyboard is not well processed by Firefox.
  2. Following which, you have to click on the “Help” menu and choose “Check for Updates.” It could happen that your Firefox is out of date and requires up gradation. If this happens to be the case, Firefox prompts you to download the newest version.
  3. It is then required that you click on the “Tools” menu and choose “Add-ons.” Click the “Plugins” icon. At the bottom of the window, click the “Find Updates”button. If you are provided with an outdated plug-in, Firefox shall provide you with the instructions to install the latest version. You will be required to restart Firefox once you are done with it.

    Mozilla Firefox Problems, Keyboard

    resolve Mozilla Firefox Problems

  4. Some of the add-ons may be incompatible with the newest version of Firefox. This is indicated within the “Add-on” window. You are well advised to uninstall incompatible add-on.
  5. Finally, get all the add-ons disabled. If the keyword functions properly, the problem may have been owing to a compatibility issue with an add-on. Get the add-ons reinstalled one at a time. Try the keyboard after each installation. By this way you will be able to find the offending add-on. While you search for add-ons, make sure that the add-on is compatible with the newest version of Firefox.

That brings us to the end of the instructions to get your keyboard functioning again. If such Mozilla Firefox problems persist, contact the corresponding support center.


What to do when you Face Problems while opening Word Attachments in Firefox Email

Mozilla Firefox problems, email

Mozilla Firefox problems solved

Mozilla Firefox browser happens to be a free and open source web browser. It makes use of the Gecko layout engine. This is done in order to render web pages. It also performs the function of implementing current and anticipated web standards. It is the third most popular web browser the world over today. It is said to be a heavily localized web browser. It was launched under the Mozilla Public License. While you go on the Internet, you may have come across links to send emails to another person. Firefox happens to be a kind of web browser which includes numerous security features which assist in keeping your computer safe from viruses. Whenever you attempt to open an attachment in an email which happens to be a Word document, you may find that the document opens or attempts to open with another program such as Open Office. Such problems are caused by Firefox which has an action which is set not to open Word making use of the actual Word application. You can tackle this problem by downloading actions so that Word opens properly in Firefox. The instructions to overcome such Mozilla Firefox problems are given below.

Instructions to Open Word Attachments in Firefox Email

1. Start off with these instructions by opening the Mozilla Firefox browser which is provided on your computer. Click on the “Firefox” menu option which is provided right from the top of the browser.

2. Following which, you have to click on the “Preferences…” option. Click on the “Applications” button from the top of the dialog box.

3. It is then required that you click on the “Microsoft Word Document” option beneath the “Content Type” heading.

4. Finally, click on the “OK” button. You will see that the Word document attachments open properly in the Firefox Web browser.
That brings us to the end of the instructions to tackle Mozilla Firefox problems involving opening Word attachments in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox problems, email

Mozilla Firefox problems solved

email.Should such problems persist, feel free to contact the Mozilla Firefox support center for more help. Also visit the corresponding website if the information in this article does not suffice.

I hope you found this article helpful. thank you for reading.

How to Report Bugs in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox problems, Firefox support

Bugs in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the widely popular web browsers in the world, used by millions of computer users. When it comes to performance and speed, Mozilla Firefox web browser definitely has the edge over its arch rivals Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. There are several versions of Mozilla Firefox web browsers available today. However, Firefox is not without its problems. While browsing the web using Firefox browser, there are occasions when you may run into common Mozilla Firefox problems associated with the software. Well, these technical bugs are not as complicated as you think it to be and can easily be fixed in a number of ways. Besides, you can also report these bugs in Firefox, and for this, you should get acquainted yourselves with a step-by-step process. So, here in this post, I have come up with some simple instructions as suggested by the Firefox support team.

Steps to Report Bugs in Firefox

  • Start out the process by visiting the Mozilla official web page on Firefox bugs. Once the page opens up, you need to click on the “Use the Latest Nightly Build of Firefox with a New Profile.”
  • Now, you will have to go through the information under this subject heading, and then select the option labeled as “Latest Nightly Build.” Following which, you will have to follow the web site’s instructions for installation process and creating profile. The main aim here is to try and recreate the bug so that the engineers can figure out what the real problem is.
  • Next up, you will have to go through Mozilla’s step number 2 to help them isolate where the
    Mozilla Firefox problems, Firefox support

    Bugs in Firefox

    bug is occurring in Firefox specific code or Mozilla core code. Components lists for the three possibilities (Firefox, Toolkit, and Core) are available by clicking on the links that have the same name.

  • After that, you need to check for Mozilla’s list of bugs that are previously filed. Select the link that corresponds to the part of Firefox you are having problems with.
  • Finally, before you submit a bug report, make sure that you read Mozilla’s Bug Writing Guidelines.

Well, that’s it! By now, you must have successfully reported bugs in Firefox web browser. For further assistance in fixing Mozilla Firefox problems, please get in touch with our Firefox support team.

Mozilla Firefox Problems with Opening Word Attachments

Mozilla Firefox Problems, Word Attachments

opening word attachments

We have a plethora of browser programs to choose from. But it could be rightly said that none have proved to be as secure as Mozilla Firefox (MF). Even though most of us rely on Windows operating systems, none of us hardly use Internet Explorer for our browsing needs. We always seek for browser programs that are fast, robust and secure. Experience surveys indicate that users of Mozilla Firefox encounter 50 per cent less viral intrusions when compared to those who rely on other browsing programs. With its secure but flexible structure, working on Firefox is indeed a matter of joy and convenience.

In this post, we give you a comprehensive account on how to resolve your Mozilla Firefox problems with opening Word attachments.

Issues with Opening Word Attachments in Firefox

While trying to open email attachments such as Word documents, you may find your attempt in vain when the concerned program is that of Open Office. As the Mozilla Firefox support crew points out, the issue is triggered by a configuration which doesn’t allow Word documents to be opened via the designated program. As such, the solution is to alter the downloading actions, thereby enabling your Word program to open attachments sans issues. Well, if all that sounds like Greek and Latin to you, there’s no reason to worry, as you’ve knocked at the right door for assistance.

The Resolution

The following steps are in order for resolving the Mozilla Firefox problems at hand:

  1. Commence the procedure by launching Mozilla Firefox on your PC.
  2. As the browser window, select the “Firefox” menu option on top of the window.
  3. You may now click on the tab that reads “Preferences…” followed by the “Applications” button from the top of the dialog box.
  4. Under the heading that reads “Content Type”, click on the option “Microsoft Word Document“.

    Mozilla Firefox Problems, Word Attachments

    opening word attachments

  5. As the As the Mozilla Firefox support crew says, beneath the heading “Action”, click on the option “Use Microsoft Word in Firefox“.
  6. Finally, click on “OK” to effect the changes. From now on Word attachments shall automatically open in your Firefox browser.

The above account would surely prove helpful in opening Word attachments in your Mozilla Firefox browser.

For any further assistance, do get in touch with Microsoft help.

Google Map issues in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Problems

Fix Google Map issues

Google maps show various locations of cities on web browsers. These have very high resolution displays that can seldom get into trouble with your browser. But these issues can be solved with some troubleshooting steps and guidelines that shall improve the display in Firefox.


A scripting language used to display Google Maps and other applications on your web browser is JavaScript. It makes the web pages more interactive. Java should be downloaded and installed on your computer for it to run. If the Java application is corrupted, it will cause scripting errors on the browser which may prevent Google Maps from displaying properly or completely.

Internet Connection

If your internet connection becomes faulty, you might run into problems in displaying the Google Maps. Internet connection issues are often sporadic creating issues with Google Maps viewing. Some causes for the problems are, faulty or overheating modem, an invalid IP address, server issues with Google, etc. Some issues are under your control, whereas some others like server problems are beyond the users’ control.

Mozilla Firefox problems

When it comes to displaying Google Maps especially, an outdated Google Map, your web browser will show problems. Google maps are frequently updated and use very high resolution 3D graphics to display. Therefore, with an outmoded web browser, it may take

Mozilla Firefox Problems

Fix Google Map issues

longer to display the maps or may cause errors. Mozilla Firefox problems with displaying Google Maps can also be due to Disabled ActiveX components on the web browser, leading to communication problems with programs that need to display Google Maps.

Fix Google Map issues

From the Mozilla Firefox options console, Enable JavaScript. If the Java console is causing problems still, uninstall it completely and reinstall it again. Whenever possible, update your web browser, so that it has the latest components always to be able to display the Google Maps perfectly. Click the refresh button If you are running into server errors which might solve the errors at times. If it doesn’t solve the issue, you should wait patiently until Google Maps server is up and running. You must install the latest Adobe Flash Player. Once you install the flash player, it will integrate automatically with your web browser.

So, that’s it, thank you for your time, have a great day ahead!

Resolving the problems of Mozilla Firefox and Norton IPS

Mozilla Firefox problems, Norton IPS

Firefox problems

We all know that Mozilla Firefox is an amazing application with additional features and options. Most people prefer the same since Internet Explorer is out of the picture now. The Norton Internet Security (NIS) on the other hand, is an exceptional security system for desktop computers. But the bad news is, when these to come together, certain problems start to arise. But don’t worry because such Mozilla Firefox problems can be easily resolved with the help of this article. The main culprits here are the intrusion protection system and Norton toolbar add-ons. If you enable both of them, you may experience issues between both the applications.

Expert guidelines to understand the Mozilla Firefox problems

It is a well known fact that toolbar add-ons and IPS can dramatically affect the working of the browser. The IPS add-on basically protects the computer against intrusions via the Firefox application. Regardless of the installation method, the other types of security functions should be equipped to handle the spyware threats. If this does not happen, then your computer is at high risk. The tool bar of Norton on the other hand, prevents hackers from entering your computer. On top of that, it also blocks the phishing sites. Not to mention, this also authenticates trusted sites.

If Norton add-ons are bothering you, you can simply disable them with few steps. To do this, visit the Tools menu in the program

Mozilla Firefox problems, Norton IPS

Firefox problems

window. Simply select the option labeled Add-ons from the drop down menu. Now visit the extensions and simply disable the add-ons. On top of that, you can disable the intrusion protection and browser protection options. To do this, you just need to be within the NIS. If you are still experiencing the problems, then there might be another problem. My first thought is that the extension file may have gone astray. You see, this file is really important and is responsible for the compatibility issues. You can resolve this file by selecting the Help option. This is located in the Firefox application. Now select the option labeled troubleshooting Information. Simply delete the file labeled “extensions.ini, extensions.cache, and extensions.rdf. To do this, you need to navigate to the install directory.

Hope the above article was educative and informative, good day folks!

Mozilla Firefox Problems in Snow Leopard

Mozilla Firefox problems, apple

Mozilla Firefox problems solved

Firefox happens to be a web browser. It is quite a popular alternative to Apple’s Safari. This was especially so after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was discontinued for the Mac OS in 2003. Firefox is widely available for both Macintosh computers as well as Windows PCs as a free download from Mozilla. Snow Leopard is said to be another name for Mac OS X.6. It succeeds Leopard or OS X.5.


  • Firefox 3.5 was released in June 2009 when Leopard used to be the current operating system available from Apple. It was by late August 2009 that Snow Leopard first made its appearance on retail shelves. In January 2010, Firefox 3.6 was released. Snow leopard had many users who relied on Firefox 3.5.7, as users did not care to update their Web browsers when new versions were released.

Firefox Issues

  • Snow Leopard users who had Firefox 3.5.7 used to face a wide range of problems as well as glitches. Two of the major complaints are related to “jumpy” video streaming and pages “freezing” and never fully displayed while loading. However, these sites were observed to load properly in other browsers like Safari.

More Firefox Issues

  • Gmail users faced problems while using Firefox 3.5.7 as well as Snow Leopard. More complaints centered on pages in Gmail, which do not load, and the software freezes. It needed quite a bit of effort to just quit. This is quite a major problem when you take into account the fact that Gmail has millions and millions of users.


  • These issues have been resolved by the programmers at Mozilla. An update for Firefox 3.5.7 was released shortly after that. In matter of months, Firefox 3.6 was available. By choosing to download the updated versions of the browser, the problems faced by users of Snow Leopard were soon tackled. The year 2011 was quite busy for Mozilla since it launched Firefox 4, Firefox 5, Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 successively.

    Mozilla Firefox problems, apple

    Mozilla Firefox problems solved

That brings us to the end of this discussion on Mozilla Firefox problems. Feel free to contact the Mozilla Firefox support center if you need further technical support. Also, visit the corresponding website if the information in this article does not suffice.

I hope you found this article helpful.

What to do when the Back Button on Mozilla Firefox is no Working

Mozilla Firefox Problems

Resolving Problems with Unresponsive Browser Buttons

Mozilla Firefox as a lot of us might already be familiar with is an Internet browsing tool that has been updated into various versions over the years.

Now in getting on with our article, one has to understand that it is simply a program and not a perfect one. For chances are it has its own share of faults and issues.

Case in point, users might sometimes encounter problems and errors with vanishing or non-functional directorial arrows in the browser’s toolbar while working on it. Alternatively, at other times, the same might be completely missing from the browser toolbar.

However, as grave as the issue may seem, the support team behind Mozilla Firefox explains that not every problem is without a solution. And as in this case, you can easily resolve the same Mozilla Firefox Problems with functional buttons on the browser’s toolbar by following the guide as formulated by Mozilla Firefox Support team given below.

Let us take a look.

Resolving Mozilla Firefox Problems with Unresponsive Buttons on the Toolbar

Resetting the Navigation Toolbar

In trying to reset the navigational toolbar on your Firefox application, you will first need to launch the same program on your computer. Following which, click on the “View” option available towards the top left corner of the screen to display its drop-down menu. Click on “Toolbars” so as to bring up a short menu to the right. Now place a checkmark next to the “Navigation Toolbar” option and then wait for the action to reset your navigation toolbar. You will then see that the back and forward arrows has appeared on your browser toolbar once again. However, if in case this technique failed to solve the problem, you can proceed with disabling add-ons for your browser as given in the next method.

Disabling Add-Ons For Add-On Related Problems  

Mozilla Firefox Problems

Resolving Problems with Unresponsive Browser Buttons

Begin with selecting “Tools” followed by “Add-Ons so as to display the pop-up window displaying the list of all the add-ons currently active for your Firefox application. Click on the add-ons so as to highlight each and every one of them. Following which, click on the “Disable” button for any add-ons that you are currently using. Once you have chosen the “Disable” option for your active add-ons, click on the “Restart Firefox” button located at the top of the pop-up window. This will actively restart your Firefox application with all of your add-ons disabled.

NOTE: This does not uninstall the add-ons, but only makes them inactive.

Your navigation arrows should appear when Firefox restarts if the problem was due to an add-on.

Why is Mozilla Firefox failing to connect?

Mozilla Firefox problems

Firefox failing to connect

When you open your Firefox browser, it is pretty daunting to see the failure to connect message. As these problems can have various roots, it’s often difficult and confusing to rectify these issues. Let us see some common causes of such Mozilla Firefox problems:

Error messages

When Firefox fails to load a page, note the error message that it displays. These messages often contain a clue as to why these issues occur. Firefox may also suggest its own fix in the message; try those before attempting any other troubleshooting steps.

Internet connection

If your computer can’t connect to the internet, Firefox too won’t be able to. At the very right of the task bar in the system tray notification area, there is a network icon that takes on different appearances under different circumstances. To see if Windows can solve the problem, you need to right-click on the icon and choose “Troubleshoot Problems“. To ensure that your modem and router is connected properly, cross check them for any error messages. Unplug the power supply from the modem and router for at least 10 seconds, plug back in, and wait for some time until the computer detects all available connections. Contact your ISP if the Mozilla Firefox problems persist.

Firewall blocking Firefox

Firewall protects your computer from suspicious connections or unauthorized sites. Sometimes the firewall might be blocking Firefox from accessing the internet. If the network icon in the Windows system tray says you’re connected, the issue may be this. Open Firewall and find exception settings, where you can add Firefox to the list of connections allowed. This problem often shows after upgrading Firefox.

Proxy settings

Mozilla Firefox problems

Firefox failing to connect

Internet access may be prevented because of incorrect Firefox proxy connection settings. From the “Firefox” button, select “Options,” “Advanced” and “Network”. Under Connection, click “Settings“. Make sure that your proxy settings are correct. If not using a proxy, or if you do not know what it is, make sure “No Proxy” is selected. Open a Web browser that works to check settings for accuracy, and compare that browser’s settings to Firefox’s settings.

DNS Prefetching settings.

Into the address bar, Type “about:config” and then hit “Enter.” Right-click the “Preference Name” box and hover over the “New” button and select “Boolean.” into the text box, Type “network.dns.disablePrefetch” and press “OK,” “true” and “OK” again. If it is of no use, locate the entry again and switch it to “false” to re-enable DNS Prefetching.

That’s how you deal with the Firefox internet connection issues.