Beware Of The Fraudulent Tech Support Websites

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Go for the reputed tech support companies

You would find plenty of tech support company websites online. Perhaps, I should tell you that while some of them are genuine, some of them are fraudulent. Many people have fallen prey to these fake tech support websites. For instance, suppose you have experienced some sort of technical problem or malfunction with your mobile phone or laptop, you searched online and found the tech support company website of the manufacturer – well, you would think so. That is where you make your big mistake.

Nothing but pure fraud  

The first thing the fraudulent tech support company website will ask you to do will be – yes, you guessed it right- to pay the bill. They will always have some very believable excuse for making you pay before you receive the service: some components that they are sure needs to be replaced or something along the lines. The surprising thing about the whole thing that many people buy in to these scams – they actually fall for it – and pay whatever amount the calm voice at the other end of the line tells them to.

Most people do this because of the convenience factor. Normally, they will be told that ‘everything will be taken care of’ as soon as they pay the necessary fee and that the employees from the company will come to you and take care of the problem, etc. The main trick employed by most of these fake tech support company websites is to register a domain name that sounds very similar to the official manufacturer’s website.

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About the fake tech support websites

I am not painting every tech support website online with a broad brush. I am aware of the fact that there are many unofficial websites that are extremely professional and charges very less for their excellent service. The scam websites might, in the end, scare away the customers from these genuine websites. That would be an unfortunate outcome – that is not my intention here.

Even so, I would advise the reader to go for the official website of the manufacturer or the service provider, always – the website that is mentioned in the product packaging. If you have to use a third party website, always go for the ones that have been around for a while and have build up a reputation for good customer service and professionalism.

I hope you would bear all these in mind, the next time you are making a phone call or visiting a website to seek technical support.

One thought on “Beware Of The Fraudulent Tech Support Websites

  1. Ruth Simmons

    I share the author’s viewpoint. These scammers can indeed scare people away from legit websites that truly offer professional service. I have read complaints posted at about customers losing their faith in technical support representatives because of these phone scams.


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